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At we pride ourselves on providing the best products for the best price. 

We make it easy for you to rest assured you’ve made the right choice through every purchase. Spend less time and nerves, focus only on sorting your seeds, and let us focus on the rest.

How it works?
Hundreds of products from various vendors are fully surveyed at our headquarters on a monthly basis. Prices and key features are compared, premium look and feel assessed. 

Most of the examined items will fail. Miserably and repeatedly. When we say “most”, we mean 93%. Only a few (a very few) will succeed to get approved. Approved and honoured to carry ZippyGrow's seal of "The Best Choice Guaranteed"

How that pre selection will help me?
Now, presents to you only a tiny, yet a complete collection of premium products, all of them contest winners in their respective price range. You don't have to compare hundreds, even thousands of features and prices, no more hours of browsing through endless pages of crappy items with doubtful quality. You can sit back, relax and just select the best shape for your alfresco, subject to your budget. We think you’ll agree, that’s pretty solid and absolutely risk-free "Best Choice Guarantee".